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How NeedGali works?

Whether you need Grocery or you want to book a Beautician for your Sunday party or you need a Plumber On-Demand?? You can place your order anytime at NeedGali App and rest will be taken care of.

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What do you want TODAY?

Find out now at NeedGali App.

Everything you need. Everyday.

Order for your Home and Office.

Why NeedGali?

Saving time and money – is something we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to manage everyday needs of home or your office, saving is something we all think about.

At Doorstep

Home delivery or home service, get everything at your doorstep.

All-in-One App

Now all the daily needs you required is available through one App only.

Shop from Nearby

Mostly you will be connected with nearest shopkeepers & service providers.

Easy Refunds

Because you are getting products and services from nearby, any returns will be hassle free.

Shop Smartly

Buy only what you required and when you required. You don't need to buy in bulk.


Log-in and track your deliveries in real-time and get all the shopping notifications also.


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