Upgrading local businesses from

Off-line to On-line.

The Shopkeepers and Service Providers registering at NeedGali platform are termed as the NeedGali Partners!!!

Partner's Benefits?

Impress your customers by selling from your own virtual showroom/office.

Technology Upgrade

Upgrade your existing business from Off-line to On-line with our ready to use platforms.

Virtual Showroom

We will create your virtual showroom/office displaying your actual products and services.


360 degree marketing and promotional support round the year.


Enjoy monopoly in your dedicated areas. No commissions on sales.

Repeated Customers

Get more and more repeated customers with the support of easy to use Apps and multiple payment options.


Real time live location tracking of delivery or service person. Notifications will be send to customers on your behalf.

NeedGali Partners

Our Mission:

At NeedGali we are committed to exploring new technologies & finding ways to deliver smiles to the customers every day and every time. We are on the mission to upgrade & connect the local area shopkeepers & service providers through our latest technologies with their regular & high demanding customers.

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