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  • One app for all your delivery needs.
  • Same day pick-up and delivery services.
  • Individuals or businesses can use our On-Demand delivery services for any pick-ups or deliveries hassle free though Web, iOS or Android app.

How it Works

It allows the customers to track their service in real-time and make online payments through multiple payment gateways.

O-Pacer features:

 We deliver all your daily needs.


Last Minute

Use our app for instant and same day deliveries; most deliveries are fulfilled within a hour.

Easy to Use

Plan a delivery from wherever you are: at home, at your office or on the road.

Multiple Orders

Instantly place new order, even if your previous order has not been delivered.

Easy Payments

Pay in advance or after delivery. Transfers can be made with our integrated payment gateways.


Log-in and track your deliveries in real-time via NeedGali App.

Live Support

Stay in touch with our O-Pacer Manager via Chat or call.

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"Note: We do not accept orders for illegitimate or offensive products or services, delivery of cash and alcohol."

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One App for all your pickup and delivery needs.